[CODE] Setting alignment upon start

From: flawed (flawed@io.com)
Date: 03/17/01

At the moment Im using an ethos system from the ftp site. It allows a
player to pick an ethos (alignment) good, neutral, and evil. The problem
is no matter what the player picks, the alignment always stays at 0.

This was added in the con state for the ethos:

      switch (GET_ETHOS(d->character))
                case 'a': case 'A':
                        GET_ALIGNMENT(d->character) = 1000;
                case 'b': case 'B':
                        GET_ALIGNMENT(d->character) = 0;
                case 'c': case 'C':
                        GET_ALIGNMENT(d->character) = -1000;

This however doesnt set the players alignment. Any ideas on what to try?

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