Re: [CODE] Setting alignment upon start

From: Brian Hartvigsen (
Date: 03/19/01

> Ok, I still havent been able to figure this out. So Ill see if I cant be a
> little more specific. What I need help figuring out what to do is,
> everytime a player picks an ethos, good neutral or evil, it somehow needs
> to set the players alignment to either 1000, 0 or -1000.

I think the problem is in init_char.  If I am correct it sets the character's
aligment to 0 (I think, I'm not looking at the code and don't really have
access to it right now so this is all from memory)  What you need to do is
find this piece of code and comment it out..  It's probably just one line
like GET_ALIGNMENT(d->character) = 0 or something..  If it's there it is what
is messing everything up.  Your switch case looks fine do this is my best

Good Luck,
Brian Hartvigsen

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