Long Room Vnums

From: Rob Masten (Diablo@deathwalker.net)
Date: 03/19/01

One of the first things I did when I restarted coding on bpl17 was
convert all the room, object, and mob ints to longs, just in case.

Anyway, I also installed Oasis and converted it to longs also, now
for the interesting part.

I can create and save a room/obj/mob/zone with a vnum 0 to about
100000+ no problem... everything saves and reloads.

But if I create a vnum that should be well within the long range like
500000 to 1000000000, I can create it within Oasis, save it back out,
I have checked the files.. it's there, and the indexes are fine....

But... the extremely high vnums won't reload... but also give no
errors, not even a 'room #500000' is outside all zones' kinda thing,
in the syslog it even shows:
Mar 19 21:29:09 :: Resetting New Zone (rooms 900100-1000000099)

so if 100000 is larger than int and 500000 is larger than int...
whets the difference?

I mean 100000 is plenty of rooms to work with, but now it's just
annoying me because its not working and there is no errors.

I have been in the code up one side and down the other....
what did I miss?  whets the difference?

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