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Date: 03/21/01

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> How about 128bitvector with OasisOLC and ascii pfile? Are there anything
> that I should change to make them work with 128bitvector? If yes, how?
> Can anyone also tell me what other changes that I should consider, or would
> it be easier to use bitfield for newbie like me. I know that I might be
> asking a lot, but i just want to plan ahead to make sure I have less
> headache in the future.

To say the least, this sure has caused a stir-up
I have been coding for 4 years, and I have looked at the 128 bit stuff
and the way the code comes, and after 4 years, i have still found it easyer
to simply make another set of bitflags. I currently use about 80 or so flags.
AND each time I add in a new set, I DO NOT have to do a player wipe,
why? because you can simply use one of the spares in the player file in
structs.h Why go thou all those code changs in all those files when you
can simply add one line in your player file, and duplicate a few lines of
code.  It takes about 5 mins (10 mins if I stop to smoke a cig) to add in
32 new flags.  And it does not break any security in those of us that use
binary files.  So, What all this comes down to. Is you have to decide do i
want a few sets of 32 flags, which holds down memory, or do I want to have

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