[NEWBIE] patching & files

From: Its Me Christian (cd_fl@hotmail.com)
Date: 03/24/01

Ok.. this is probably the stupidist question you guys have ever herd but
anyway here it goes. (please bare in mind that im new at developing MUD's)

i got a autoquest system and i got some patching tool that came with my
ascii pfile mud but when i go to patch something in a binary pfile with that
patch thing it doesn work.

so the question is. how do i patch?

i have looked a the circlemud site and i found something but it didnt help
me in the slitest. Could someone please help :)

Also.. i asked not long ago about writing and saving to a file in ascii
pfile and noone replied :( so would someone tell me how to do it w/o ascii

thanx :)
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