Re: Blast, I'm stuck :( RHP

From: Kras Kresh (
Date: 03/24/01

>I'm having problems getting Circlemud to even
>compile... I've done it, once, before on the same
>machine, I have no idea why it wont this time.
>I can configure it ect but when I goto make...I get
>the following error
>Although I've done this once before, it was a while
>ago and I'm still extremly new hehe...I've looked
>through the site's FAQ's and documentation and didn't
>find anything that refers to this, less I looked over

Have you deleted the config.* files?
When the mud moves to another server the configure doesn't work if you don't
delete them for some reason.
You may have upgraded your system or changed the compiler or something.
So if you haven't deleted those files before you configured that may be the
If thats not the problem just ignore this message.
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