hedit and multiple word help entries

From: Jennifer Harless (jharless@purduenc.edu)
Date: 03/25/01

I've installed hedit v. 2 - everything's saving fine, I've gone
through the archives and picked out little snippets of info to fix
minor problems (such as extra lines every time you reload xhelp).
However, I'm still having a problem with multiple word help entries
(e.g. "Color Spray").  I thought maybe it was something I did wrong,
or maybe one of my other modifications, so I downloaded the
circlebpl17-OasisAsciiHedit.zip file from the ftp site, compiled it
and ran it and came up with the same thing.  I went through the
archives again (and checked the developer site, hoping maybe someone
had left a comment, but no such luck).

Has anyone ever come up with a solution for this?  I'm not sure if
it's a problem with interaction between other stuff I've installed
or just something with Hedit itself (since it changes the do_help

I would appreciate any input. :)


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