Re: [OLC][Newbie][bpl18] OLC for bpl18?

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 03/25/01

"SeaShaman T. Delphin" wrote:
>    Could anybody here please point me to a patch or
> a copy of OLC that will work with bpl18 that will NOT
> overwrite my existing .c's with any lower bpl code?

No, it won't go in clean, but if you fix the rejects it'll work.

> Coincidentaly I did attempt to patch bpl18 with the
> bpl17 OLC patch.. of course this failed out horribly.

Horribly?  I was helping someone who got it in fine just the other day
(went in on top of copyover if memory serves me correctly, which he also
managed to get working).  There will be some rejects that you have to fix
by hand, get you're elbows dirty and see what you can do, it'll be
learning experience at the least.

I know of no patches which are available for bpl18 yet since it is still
a brand new release, most of the bpl17 patches should go in with
relatively few tweaks.  The snippets should go in even easier.

Regards, Peter

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