Re: [OLC][Newbie][bpl18] OLC for bpl18?

From: Axiem j'Terre (
Date: 03/25/01

> >    Could anybody here please point me to a patch or
> > a copy of OLC that will work with bpl18 that will NOT
> > overwrite my existing .c's with any lower bpl code?

> No, it won't go in clean, but if you fix the rejects it'll work.

I can attest to this. I just patched in both ascii player files and Oasis
OLC (into a stock 18 MUD). I did encounter some difficulties (actually, I
hand-patched the ASCII files because I didn't know how to use patch at the
time :P), but they were relatively easy to figure out.

Same with the OLC. All of my problems were that the lines to be replaced
were off of what the patch file said, due to 1. it being a new patchlevel 2.
Ascii player files.

It wasn't hard to fix. Put a little thought and work into it, and you'll get
it :) figure out how this OLC thing works...

There doesn't happen to be documentation for OasisOLC that I've missed, does


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