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Date: 03/27/01

CircleMUD list,

  I have been contemplating the last few days on an appropriate design
and layout for incorporating guild related activity through medit.  My
overall objectives are as follows:
  - 'TRAINER' section in medit, towhich any SPELL and or SKILL in the
game can be designated/saved as TRAINER'S abilities of teaching.  Now
I'm not the best "coder" in the world, but I believe best thing to do
is grab a book, and examine the world to which you are constructing for
like a mad man.  Here are my ideas, in no way do I pose these as the
correct solutions merely trying to get an opinion and or criticism from
the list.  In hopes of pointing me in the most effective direction for
both memory and functioning usage.

 I'm not sure but was thinking of designated a whole new structure,
something along the lines of:

struct trainer_data {
  int spell_num;
  int percent;
  int cost;

 struct trainer_data trn_skills[MAX_SPELLS + MAX_SKILLS]

In turn designating each chosen SKILL/SPELL from a menu layout in medit,
in an assignment line similar to:

   trn_skills[(atoi(arg))] = { (atoi(arg)), (2nd input for percent),
-> cont'd. (3rd input for cost of learning)};
               ^ spell number as produced from listing.

Now I have the following questions, how is it I can designate to an
array a meaningful set of values based upon SPELL/SKILL numbers, when
the two differ widely from each other.  How do I distinguish between
SKILL/SPELL (after) user input.  How do I list through a medit display
feature I would create a numbered display of both skills and spells,
and accept inputted value as the number to which corresponds to that
skill and or spell.  Aswell if the above even close to a slight
representation of how this can be done effectively? And last but not
least if so... how would I go about initializing and or maintaining
minimal memory use without having to fill up MOB values with 0.
What I mean there is, if I'm creating a new mob, will it fill it's
values all to 0, and blow memory away.. or will it not become
and or set unless specified by the builder.  Sorry forgot one -
if it will not become initialized and I don't have to run through all
my mob files adding 330 0's for every mob inorder for db.c to boot up,
what means of initializing will be inorder to remember mob related
attributes (that of which they can teach) to others.

- Sorry if in any way I have written vaguely and or have confused you
here-in.  Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,


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