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Date: 03/31/01

Ok the below is just to show you how things are being processed,
as of so far I have commented out the prev line due mainly to the
fact I get some errors in db.c.  However despite that fact I am
almost positive it occurs with or without the isolation of the
assignment to prev.  Anyways, I have thrown in extra log checks one
at the very body of the "Trains") { comparison/function.
I have checked both the values of numbers[0-3] and the
new_train->spell_number/percent/cost/qp_cost... Everything checks out
perfect on boot up, however if I try accessing and or outputting any
of those values whether in do_stat_char, (for mob of course), medit or
what not... It crashes on the spot.

I can't figure out why it's doing that when I am trying to grab that
values in the structure.

Can anyone see anything wrong with the below?


CASE("Trains") {
   int numbers[4];
   sscanf(value, "%d %d %d %d", numbers, numbers+1, numbers+2, numbers+3) != 4
   CREATE(new_train, struct trainer_data, 1);
   new_train->next = mob_proto[i].mob_specials.trainer;
   mob_proto[i].mob_specials.trainer->prev = new_train;
   new_train->prev = NULL;
   mob_proto[i].mob_specials.trainer = new_train;
   if(numbers[0] >= 1 && numbers[0] <= (MAX_SKILLS))
   new_train->spell_number = numbers[0];
   log("Error in processing trainer spell number.");
   if(numbers[1] >= 1 && numbers[1] <= 100)
   new_train->percent = numbers[1];
   log("Error in processing trainer percent value.");
   if(numbers[2] >= 0)
   new_train->cost = numbers[2];
   log("Negative value found in cost of trainer spell/skill!");
   if(numbers[3] >= 0)
   new_train->qp_cost = numbers[3];
   log("Negative value found in quest point cost of trainer skills.");



struct trainer_data {
 int spell_number;
 int percent;
 int cost;
 int qp_cost;
 struct trainer_data *next;
 struct trainer_data *prev;


struct mob_special_data {
struct trainer_data *trainer;
struct trainer_data train_skills;

#define TRAINER(mob)   (mob)->mob_specials.train_skills



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