[LONG] very last post before i unsubscribe

From: Mark Jordaan (BigKahuna@androiddreams.co.za)
Date: 03/28/01


If anybody is interested in getting in on the ground floor of my new
mud which i am writing FROM SCRATCH please mail me so we can chat

I have a degree in Computer Science with a major in artificial
intelligence and this is going to play a major role in my mud.

There will be dynamic creation of nps, monsters and little fluffy bunnies

These will all be controlled by ai algorithms specifying who will live die
etc. also NPC will conduct INTELLIGENT discussions with players

any way im not going to give away anymore until you've signed the non
disclosure agreement cos i am going to charge for this mud

and also that way i will be able to afford to PAY any fellow creators

any way
Mail me at BigKahuna@androidreams.co.za

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