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From: Jeremy Overbay (
Date: 03/28/01

I have to admit I am interested...but it's gonna be hard for you to charge
and compete with the likes of Sony Everquest style games. The whole beauty
of the CircleMud's easily modified to almost any
parameter(providing you have the c programming skills to back up your
ideas), and it's widely available to a huge base of people who are
continually improving the code. The biggest drawback of Circle, for you, is
that you could never charge for it according to the license. Reinventing
the wheel isn't much fun though, and wastes time and effort you could be
using to push the standards of the codebase to new levels.  But then
again...maybe it is a trivial thing for you to crank out a stable mudserver
in little or no time. If so...rock ON!!! even though I will never make
money with circlemud codebase....It is still very much worth the work in
regards to programming experience and as a medium of artistic expression. I
have been dying to add AI to my mud...but I have had to put it on hold
because, even with a good base to start from, there is still a ton of
things I need to do before I am ready for the AI. And it is super super
super hard to get coding or building help, and the reason for that
is...EVERYONE has some idea of what they want to do...and they CAN'T/WON'T
compromise in any way. They have to have their 'own' mud. Still yet...I
have been able to find a few individuals who are willing to share ideas and
specific code(they still all insist that they have to have their own mud).
The funny thing about it is...circlemud is quite flexible enough to almost
be 2 or 3 muds all rolled in to 1. especially if you completely nuke the
stock areas.....then each person could build a few zones(according to their
uncompromisible goals), you could make character creation at first logon
extremely generic and then more specific once they start in whatever zone
they choose(according to the style of game they want). For instance: A
person logs in and chooses a password, then instead of going on to choose
sex, race, class etc...they choose what style of play:

Welcome to the Number of the Beast Universes!

[A]      Tolkien style Fantasy
[B]      Dungeons and Dragons style Fantasy
[C]      Cyberpunk
[D]      Worlds of Darkness
[E]      Your very own customized style here

Please Choose Your Alternate Reality:

so they choose one right...then it sends them to the zone start room for
that section of the mud and character creation continues...(I am sure
everyone has seen muds where you use objects to choose race, class, etc...)

before I ramble on I will attempt to wrap this up..
I am aware that this could blow memory usage thru the roof...not to mention
HD space and bandwidth...but this stuff is getting cheaper by the
minute...and by pooling resources 3 or 4 IMPs could have a much better
system than 1 lonely imp running thru some cheap mud host. not to
mention...all those coders and builders working together could form one bad
ass codebase eventually. Then if need be...once the code is matured enough
to everyone's satisfaction...the different areas could peel off and be
their own mud.  I am sure this has occured many times and that is where all
the present codebases originated... Like many other things, it all comes
back to people. Who can you trust and get along with well enough to work on
something like this? Not to mention ego issues.  People take their Hobbies one wants to have a bad time of one wants stress in
their hobby...and for these problems, I have no answers.
okay...I shut up now.


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