[BPL17] [Newbie] Recompile error in adding lev's

From: SeaShaman T. Delphin (seashaman@yahoo.com)
Date: 03/28/01


   I've gone through numerous bits of information in
adding levels and came to one Written by Jason M. R.
that explained that I needed to edit Class.c
  /* add new levels */   Which I did making sure the
IMPL level was 20000 away from MAX Exp.

  I rewrote my Thac0 charts to reflect the new level
changes up to and including LEVEL 103  <LVL_IMPL>.
   Changed my saving throw tables to reflect the level
changes as well.
   Changed the Values for LVL_IMPL, GRGOD, GOD, and
IMMORT to reflect their level assignments as well in

   When I attempt to recompile class.c to class.o it
errors me out by saying:

class.c:3101: duplicate case value
class.c:3031: this is the 1st entry for this value

those lines are

line:3101:  case 31: return 6800000;
line:3031:  case LVL_IMMORT: return 70000000;

    This occurs 3 more times between the cleric
levels, the thief levels and the Warrior levels as
well, different lines same code revolving around case
31 being defined as LVL_IMMORT.
    I attempted to troubleshoot by scanning for any
occurances where LVL_IMMORT was defined elsewhere as
31 perhaps but to no avail.

   I'm new at attempting to learn programming, Wanted
to learn while setting up CircleMud and I think I've
learned a bit so far.. so I know somebody might say
"Get some programming classes in or something heh I
need to" Anybody who could offer any other input on
why this happens would be most appreciated.

  SirWhiteDragon - Code? I'm not Sick!

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