Re: [CODE] Questions about macros

From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 03/28/01

From: "Carlos Myers" <dhstranger@HOTMAIL.COM>
> Overall, I think there is need for a general clean up of the macros in
> util.h.  It may even be time to declare some the macros, such as
> GET_OBJ_NUM(obj) and OBJWEAR_FLAGGED(obj, flag), as decrepit.

As amusing as that last suggestion is, I believe the word you are
searching for is "deprecated", not "decrepit".  At any rate, the main
reason so many redundant/outdated/unused macros exist is that one can
never be sure whether individuals who code their own muds might be using
them.  C does not have a formal deprecation concept built in to the
language (as Java and some others do), but I think deprecating some old
macros is probably a worth the effort.


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