Re: Question involving extract_pending_chars()

From: George Greer (
Date: 03/28/01

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Kras Kresh wrote:

>The problem is.. I need to extract another char, not the one being
>extracted.  Using extract_char() while extract_pending_chars() is happening
>doesn't work because I think the guy i want extracted is somewhere b4 this
>the current guy.  and extract_char_final() on the guy I want to kill off
>will mess up the loop?

I'd say remove the followers earlier (before the end of the tick), but you
could always make extract_pending_chars() be a two-cycle loop.  You'll have
to be careful if you recurse deeper than two levels though.

I think you'd be happier throwing the extractees on their own list.  Just
be careful of any code doing 'ch = ch->next' which will get extremely

>I'm not sure about that. Ok the thing I'm trying to accomplish is to kill
>off his summoned mob followers.  I already have a way to knowing which of
>his followers are those, but with this extract_pending_chars() thing it
>sets the count to 0 when its done and it probably missed my guy.  Now he
>is flagged and isn't extracted.  Should I make another loop in
>extract_pending_chars() to kill it if the count is > 0 and move that log

You can remove the '= 0' if you need, it was to make sure the MUD didn't
throw up if BadThings(tm) happened.

George Greer

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