[IDEA][NEWBIE] Another way for news

From: Luke Waite (lwaite2000@home.com)
Date: 03/28/01

Hello all,

Been a while since I posted, haven't really had anything to say, but ya

Down to the point. I've been thinking about modifying the news system.
It would have a few main pointers:
1. Commands to publish news in game
2. When there is new News, a little [NEWS] flag is put in the prompt.
3. Seperate news file numbers and in game Id numbers

Here is more details of how I think it would work.
- When news is created, it is given a special news file number, when
saved it would go to /lib/news/
  or something like that.
- there would be a newsedit command to edit the news any piece of news
being worked on.
- multiple news articles could be worked on at once by multiple
characters by assigning a field
  at the beginning of the news file like:
  0~ /*(ID NUM) (0 is id num for unpublished news, it is changed to 50
or 51 etc when published)*/
  Hello everyone... /*(news continues)*/
- When an article is ready it will be published using publish command.
Then it will be assigned a
  ID Number at the beginning other than 0 that will be the news number
in game (so chars can read old news and   not have news file 44 before
43 because it was published first. In other words there will be a file
number,   like 555.nws and a ID NUM 0 when not yet published.)
- When a character has missed multiple news postings and they type news
it will start at the oldest one via a   GET_NEWS(ch) value that would be
the IDNUM of the last posting read

Any thoughts on the best way of going about this are appreciated!!

Thanks, Luke Waite

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