Re: Question involving extract_pending_chars()

From: Robert Masten (
Date: 03/28/01

> will mess up the loop?  I'm not sure about that. Ok the thing I'm trying to
> accomplish is to kill off his summoned mob followers.  I already have a way
> to knowing which of his followers are those, but with this
> extract_pending_chars() thing it sets the count to 0 when its done and it
> probably missed my guy.  Now he is flagged and isn't extracted.  Should I

Now that I know what you are doing your plan makes more sense.  But, instead,
in the die() (I think), where it cuts off the followers from following the
dead character.  just have it check each follower for the AFF_summoned and if
it has it extract them there or set their HP to 0 and position to dead.

Just my opinion though.

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