Re: skill/spell messages

From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 03/29/01

From: "Edward Felch" <dustlos@HOTMAIL.COM>
> For some reason whenever a skill or spell whose message should be in the
> messages file is used, the messages don't show up.. Any ideas on reasons why
> this is happening, could it be server related, some kind of file problem,
> etc? It just stopped working some time ago and I'm not sure if its because
> of the server or if something happened with the code, thanks for any help

It could be any number of things.  You'll probably need to provide more
information if you want a useful response.  I assume you've checked the
file to make sure it is in the right place and has all the right
messages in it...?  If you have, then you should try to remember what
code changes you made.  If you get that far, and can provide a few
snippets of suspect code, I could be of more assistance.


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