Re: GUILD Related Layout

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 03/29/01

> My question is this:  All espects as of now take in one value, as shown
> below, by trainer related espec will contain 4 values per line:
> ie:
> Trainer_Skills: 34 100 0 1
>    Spell number  ^ ^Percent mob will teach to, 0= Gold cost, 1, Qp cost.
> void parse_espec(char *buf, int i, int nr)
<snip about parse_espec>

You'll want to look at the 'interpret_espec' function.

with the line above, it's called with the following vars:

interpret_espec(keyword="Trainer_Skills", value="34 100 0 1", i, nr)

since parse_espec, correctly, just snips the keyword and the : from
buf, and sends the rest as 'value'.

Thus, just add a CASE('Trainer_Skills') in interpret_espec, and parse
on basis of the 'value' var.

I hope this made sense.


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