[NEWBIE][CODE] Cloning a container w/objects inside

From: John Flanagan (stripesurfer@yahoo.com)
Date: 03/30/01

Ok, I was booted from this list once before for not titling my messages
properly, so I hope the header this time works. YES, I am a newbie
Implementor, and I DID NOT open my mud to the public, and i AM trying to
learn C, and am currently reading 2 books on the subject.
    Here is my problem. I used to imm on a mud where you could lets say,
put several items in a bag, clone the bag, and each bag would have the
same items inside. Great help for quest and newbie packages. Anyway, I
read the archive as well as the faq, and haven't found any way to do
    I haven't yet implemented the clone code in my mud, since I don't
want to use a patch, and haven't written it myself yet. I am under the
impression that Ivan's latest OLC has some sort of COPY_OBJECT code, but
I haven't even tried to look for it. If I can't do the clone bag thing,
with items inside, no point in sticking the clone code in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John Flanagan

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