Re: [NEWBIE][CODE] Cloning a container w/objects inside

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 03/31/01

John Flanagan wrote:
>     Here is my problem. I used to imm on a mud where you could lets say,
> put several items in a bag, clone the bag, and each bag would have the
> same items inside. Great help for quest and newbie packages. Anyway, I
> read the archive as well as the faq, and haven't found any way to do this.

Look at the autoeq code in the stock CircleMUD source.  It has code which
both saves and restores all the objects in a person's inventory or
equipped and restoring them back to the same positions (which includes
restoring objects in a container back to that container).  That should
give you more than enough code examples and info to be able to write your
own container-clone code.

As a general outline...

Use a recursive function.  First you call the function for the container
object.  The function makes a copy of the empty container.  Then you loop
through each object in the container and call the function on it
(recursively, from inside the function) and add each item to the new
container.  Then have the function return a pointer to the container
object it just cloned.  Lastly, you add that object to the player's
inventory who called the function to begin with.

Regards, Peter

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