Re: [NEWBIE][CODE] Cloning a container w/objects inside

From: John Flanagan (
Date: 03/31/01

> Look at the autoeq code in the stock CircleMUD source.  It has code
> which  both saves and restores all the objects in a person's inventory
> or equipped and restoring them back to the same positions (which includes
> restoring objects in a container back to that container).  That should
> give you more than enough code examples and info to be able to write
> your own container-clone code.
Herin lies the rub. In the version of Circle I have, which is BPL17, when
someone logs out, anything they HAD in a container, when they log back
in, is OUT of said container, in their inventory. Same for equipped items,
as well as anything in a container that is in a room. If you could point me
in the right direction, as far as how to nest the reursive functions, I would
really appreciate it.



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