Re: [NEWBIE][CODE] Cloning a container w/objects inside

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 03/31/01

John Flanagan wrote:
> Herin lies the rub. In the version of Circle I have, which is BPL17, when
> someone logs out, anything they HAD in a container, when they log back
> in, is OUT of said container, in their inventory. Same for equipped items,
> as well as anything in a container that is in a room.

Bpl17 has autoeq, it is turned off by default.  Look through structs.h to
figure out how to turn it on (it is _very_ obvious).

> If you could point me in the right direction, as far as how to nest the
> reursive functions, I would really appreciate it.

Any function that calls itself either directly or indirectly is
considered a recursive function.  It's that simple.  You would use a
recursive function for what you want to do because it is appropriate for
dealing with things such as containers in containters in containers ...
well you get the idea.

Regards, Peter

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