Re: Code Maintenaince

From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 04/02/01

> > ... a fellow programmer requested that I use comments to document a
> > very basic use of a ternary operator because not all programmers would
> > necessarily be familiar with it.
> Now, his stance is kinda dumb, but on the other hand, if the use were a
> bit strange and not entirely obvious at a quick glance, then yes, it
> should be commented.  If (of course) it is something like:
>    (i ? "true" : "false")
> Then there is no reason to comment it.
It was and there wasn't.  For the curious, I won the argument, and did not
end up commenting it.

> > I also admit to some ignorance as to the state of the "coding"
> > document...
> See the FAQ.  It's still quite valid on that point.  *grin*
I will also admit that I was familiar with the FAQ answer on that topic, but
didn't find that answer very satisfying.  :-)
How does one become a contributor to that document?  I wouldn't mind
spending some time on it, but since I also have a life outside Circle, I
don't want to squander that time by duplicating the work of others.


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