Re: Code Maintenaince

From: Alex (
Date: 04/02/01

> > See the FAQ.  It's still quite valid on that point.  *grin*
> I will also admit that I was familiar with the FAQ answer on that topic, but
> didn't find that answer very satisfying.  :-)
FAQ answers are not meant to be satisfying, just meant to answer clearly
and concisely.  *grin*

> How does one become a contributor to that document?  I wouldn't mind
> spending some time on it, but since I also have a life outside Circle, I
> don't want to squander that time by duplicating the work of others.
Check out the contrib/docs directories on the FTP server.  Find something
uncovered and write stuff about it.  *grin*

ie 'how to add special procedures to the game', 'how to add especs', etc.


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