Re: ASCII vs. Binary pfiles

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/04/01

>  Anyone want to comment on this one?  ASCII vs. binary pfiles.
> ...
>  Also, there is a space consideration with ASCII which takes up lots
> more room plus wastes more space by storing each player's data in a
> seperate file (thus taking up directory space and wasted space to fill
> to the sector boundry on disk).

        To tell the truth, I see a minimum reduction in space used for
player files of around 30 percent.  About 60% on average, topping off
around 70.

        That is, binary files are often much larger than ascii files -
which just makes common sense.  Even for a stock mud, the small amount of
overhead for a tag is nothing compared to the large amounts of
empty-but-required space in a binary file.  Text player files just don't
have that problem; they don't print it out if it's not set.

        This was actually a prime motivator for ascii objects which see a
slightly decreased amount of required space - on average, though my
experience (at least, compared to saving unique items in binary form).


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