Re: ASCII vs. Binary pfiles

From: Mysidia (
Date: 04/04/01

ASCII or Binary?
What's best?

In my opinion, a little of both.

Binary files are nice for storing fixed data that everyone's
got to have, ASCII files are nice for storing extended data
that not everyone fills up.

ex: titles, descriptions, aliases, object strings
might be considered 'extended data'

Binary allows for speed and easy modifications to the fixed
data (such as stats), and the text stuff allows for easy
extensibility.. additionally, the data stored in the ASCII
file can be redundant with the fixed data, so that if you
ever experience any corruption of the binary file, you
can simply write a script to rebuild your pfile from the
ASCII data.

File corruption is a reality and a disadvantage of using
binary files; that is, normally you can't recover from it
without rolling back (to an old backup).


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