About linked lists

From: Kras Kresh (kras_kresh@hotmail.com)
Date: 04/04/01

I'm not sure about how the character lists and object lists are
created and linked.. I want to create list of descriptions and

struct tmp {
  int x;
  struct tmp *next;

struct tmp *list;

int main() {
  struct tmp *n;
  CREATE(n, struct tmp, 1);
  n->x = 14;
  n->next = NULL;
  list = n;
  CREATE(n, struct tmp, 1);
  n->x = 3;
  n->next = NULL;
  list->next = n;

Would that work? I learned link list in C++ and its uses the new
operator so I have no idea about in C cept that here it doesn't
use the new operator. If something is wrong with the code I just
made up please help me fix it so I can use it. And what is that 1
in CREATE for?
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