Re: About linked lists

From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 04/04/01

> Would that work? I learned link list in C++ and its uses the new
> operator so I have no idea about in C cept that here it doesn't
> use the new operator. If something is wrong with the code I just
> made up please help me fix it so I can use it. And what is that 1
> in CREATE for?

A quick glance at your code looks like it would properly create a linked
list of two elements.  The concept of the linked list is the same in C as it
is in C++ (or any low level language).  new and delete do not exist in C (as
you point out).  You will want to use malloc and free.  malloc is part of a
family of memory allocation functions that I suggest you read up on.

CREATE is a macro used in CircleMUD which wraps the calloc() function.  The
1 means you will allocate 1 * sizeof(type) bytes of memory.  You would pass
a number greater than 1 if you wanted to allocate a dynamic array.  Since
CircleMUD uses linked lists quite extensively, I would recommend
familiarizing yourself with them as much as possible before attempting any
significant code changes.


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