Re: ASCII vs. Binary vs. SQL vs ...

From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 04/04/01

> Any other DB formats or alternatives that anyone wants to bring up?
> let's turn this into a good comprehensive discussion of _all_ the
> alternatives.

Well, there are always B-Tree and C-Tree databases, which offer decent
performance and search capabilities without the overhead of having to
administrate a SQL database.  The disadvantages would be the proprietary
format and the complexity of the code.  There are probably others that I
can't think of at the moment.

Actually, though, if I had the time, I would be inclined to convert the
entire MUD to C++ (please don't tell me it IS C++ just because it can be
compiled with a C++ compiler) and use a persistent object architecture that
I have always been fond of.  MUD coding lends itself well to object-oriented
programming.  I've written a couple of OO MUDs, though I've never had time
to finish them.  That lack of time is probably the main reason I play around
with Circle.


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