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Date: 04/05/01

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>         Think of it like an exclusive club - you don't want just anyone;
>  you only want the people that other members will vouch for, or who meet a
>  set of given criteria.  Letting in just anyone potentially lowers the
>  (high) level of quality of the establishment.
>         It is not supposed to attract players; you're not doing it so
>  people flood your mud. You'd be doing it to keep people from flooding
>  mud, unless they're the right people.
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>         So, it's better to cull your potentials with the idea 'better to
>  loose a potential player than allow a potential nuisance'.
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Wow!  I think you can pretty much count on me never dropping by.  So that's
one less chunk of human biomass you'll have to worry about.  Actually, I
don't think you need the complicated character creation process to drive
people away.  Just keep posting messages like this.


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