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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/05/01

> >         Think of it like an exclusive club - you don't want just anyone;
> >  you only want the people that other members will vouch for, or who meet a
> >  set of given criteria.  Letting in just anyone potentially lowers the
> >  (high) level of quality of the establishment.
> >
> >         It is not supposed to attract players; you're not doing it so
> >  people flood your mud. You'd be doing it to keep people from flooding
> your
> >  mud, unless they're the right people.
> >
> -- snip --
> >         So, it's better to cull your potentials with the idea 'better to
> >  loose a potential player than allow a potential nuisance'.
> -- snip (additional elitist references) --
> Wow!  I think you can pretty much count on me never dropping by.  So that's
> one less chunk of human biomass you'll have to worry about.  Actually, I
> don't think you need the complicated character creation process to drive
> people away.  Just keep posting messages like this.

        Heh. You have me confused with an FRPer.  Read the previous
messages with the same subject for a better overall view.  Personally, I'd
never play on one of these sorts of games either.

        However, I think that if you want to run one, and you want your
players to enjoy themselves, you have to be rather elitist and nazi-like.

        'Elitist and nazi like' defined as requring players to be 'in
character' at all times, and insuring that no one who is not willing to
commit to 100% role playing is not allowed on your system.

        Personally, I can't see why this type of gamer doesn't just
inhabit a MUSH.  They have the perfect setup, and since there's no 'game'
to get in the way, they can just carve out their own little territory,
build items and etc.  Perhaps I've just seen one too many muds try to make
the transition from a pure hack and slash mud inhabited by powergamers to
one that's 'pure roleplay' FRP paradise.

        Frankly, I think this type of roleplay and any MUD is a poor mix.

        I'm more of a vicarious participator :)


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