Future Muds ..was .. Re: [CIRCLE] [OLC][Newbie][bpl18] How do I get OLC to work?

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@imaxx.net)
Date: 04/05/01

> ObMUDsInGeneral:
> The major line(s) that keeps MUDs from going graphical is a: a MUD is a
> text-venue, with some exceptions, MUDs are not a graphical resource and b:
> it takes a LOT of extra work/help/developers to make a graphical MUD.
> So, IMHO, the next evolution of MUDs will not be in the direction of
> graphics, as that's a complete change of venue.  So what do we do to make
> MUDs better on the INSIDE (i.e., code)?
> It's a curious point, and I'm curious to how it turns out.  And, yes,
> similar questions have come before, but it's a new era, so, looking at where
> we are at now, where can/should we go?

        If I were to guess, I'd say that a graphical mud IS the next step.
There's only 2 major hurdles in our way;

        1) We need someone to build one, and a client, that's not based on
a currently existing commercial system.  Ie, something as simple and
direct as circle is.  Don't forget multiplatform issues (SDL?)

        2) We need tools to maniuplate the new data formats.

 I'd guess that someone could crank out a basic client (maybe not 3d, but
at least tile based) in a week or two.  That leaves the the tools.  I rate
the tools as a higher requirement, in the same way that people value
Oasis, or other online editors.  After all, builders for a graphical mud
are going to be on the same technical level as those of a text mud -
perhaps just a bit more familiar with computer-based art.  We need
something for them to fill the new worlds with.

        The question I wanted to ask was which SORT of graphical mud would
we be looking at?  I think a simple 2-d/3-d environment would be the
easiest (ie, really 2-d tile based, like checkers, but you look at it from
a 60+ degree angle, so it appears that the people are interacting in 3-d
space.  Think of simcity, or ?ultima online?

        I don't tend to enjoy, as much, a FPS-like interface, like
everquest.  Aside from that - and you can correct me if I'm wrong - you
have to make actual 3-d models, pretty much ugly polygon based things, and
it looks horid and what do you get in the end?  You get the ability to use
the terrain to show elevation... and ..bleh. everything still looks

        I dunno.. any comments?

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