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From: Mark Jeter (
Date: 04/06/01

Well since my asking for short description code kinda procured this
discussion, thought I'd put my two cents in and show how I envision
my "FRP"er mud to be. My general idea is that it is going to be
roleplaying extensive in the sense of good grammer and it is 
generally very directed towards promoting a realistic feel. However, I do
try to cater to more than one crowd, though I will say that I won't be
catering to -all- crowds. I believe I'll give incentives to roleplaying
characters, who will be able to take the title roles of the game. Btw this
is going to be based on the Palladium Rifts RPG. Good, well thought-out
characters will be promoted, though you wouldn't need to be one of these
well thought out characters to play. As soon as you enter the game you're
considered a ghost, in a ghost newbie area which is similar to a waiting
room. When there you can talk to the other ghosts about anything ooc,
their past characters, the party they went to on saturday night, which 
immortals they hate, etc. A toggled 'ghost' command allows you to be seen
by certain leader-type characters on some sort of ooc-list (leader types
would be Captains for the Coalition (the racist pro-human army of the xx
century), a Xiticix hivemaster(alien insect race), Captains of mercenary
groups, and whatever other factions are thought up in the future). These
leader types can 'recruit' ghosts then into a generic soldier/xiticix/etc
and would be expected to do this often enough to make sure that you aren't
waiting around forever, thus not making it so you -have- to spend countless
hours on an application process. I expect people to die often on this mud,
perma-death, and I want them to be able to rejoin the fight if they want.
There are probably a bunch of loopholes and problems you can think of with
this style and fire away, but I think I thought of ways to handle most of
them, I'm just not going to cover everything.

    Although on the other hand, I would definitely like more permanent,
well-thought out characters to exist on my mud. These would definitely be
the leader type characters, magic-using characters(magic will be more
powerful than in most muds), demons and creatures from the Rifts, or other
ideas players and staff may end up thinking of that I'd like to code.

    I think I take care of about two or three groups of players. A) The ones
that like constant warring, fighting or otherwise hack 'n slashers. B) The
roleplay lovers (lots of opportunities will be present in the Coalition
Outpost, seedy bars and stuff like that) and C) possibly the type that
likes adventuring? Though the areas are going to be large and realistic
(no ten steps to get from a smurf village to a canyon of elementals), I
can probably add in some decent places/rifts to explore. Anyways thats
my thoughts, oh and thanks for the help esp. to the one who posts as
Thomas Arp, the target idea is working good so far.

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