MOB fortune?

From: Shane Lee (
Date: 04/06/01

Okay, this may sound a bit off-the-wall, but I thought it was a
neat idea.
I'm sure everyone who has ever worked on a Linux box is familiar
with the fortune shell command. I've rarely worked on UNIX, but
it may have it also.
Is there any way I could get fortune piped in so that Puff can use
it in her silly little monologues?
I thought about saving some pf the output from fortune to a file
and just have her "read" from the file from time to time, but
she would repeat herself much more often that way, as opposed to
a live pipe.
An embeded perl script in could easily keep the file
updated, but why use a script when you have a binary running with
pretty much the same capabilities. Besides, a file would create
an unnecessary disk space problem after a bit.
Are there any pros and cons that I am missing here? Like should
a MOB actually have the ability (through a spec-proc) to call
shell commands? Is this exploitable?
Or would it be a waste of my time when there is an easier method
of making her talk goofy and rarely repeat herself?


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