Re: [OT][CODE] Pueblo enhancement and a question.

From: Alex (
Date: 04/07/01

> As long as we're on the topic of HTTP, may as well relate this to it as
> well.  Anyone ever do anything to integrate CircleMUD to the web in any
> way that goes beyond just dumping an html file every once in a while to
> be served up by a browser?
I've done something like that for the VieMud code.  It is actually a
semi-web server (complete with robots.txt file).  It dumps out help file
entries and a who list.  On request, not every minutes (or whatever).

> CGI Script interaction.  Possibly even making the MUD server act as a CGI
> script in and of itself.
This is essentially how the help stuff works.  It builds the page served
based on the current help file details that the game itself knows about
(ie, the same stuff you can get from the 'help' command in-game).

Some of the other things that you suggest, I'm not entirely certain should
be trusted to the web at all.  There are _much_ better methods of doing
things such as coding than a web-based interface.


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