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From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 04/11/01

WoW! You have so much of your code commented out, and you are switching
between // and /* */ so much that I had a hard time reading your post
to begin with.
Try this; instead of commenting this stuff out, make a copy of the
in question and DELETE those sections. Be sure to make yourself a
backup, so's you don't lose anything important.
Sounds to me like you have a major buffer overflow or something.
you are trying to send too much info to the buffer?
If this is the case, simply break it down like so:

      sprintf(buf, "%s", QGRN);
      strcpy(buf + strlen(buf), object->description);
      sprintf(buf + strlen(buf), "%s", QNRM);


      send_to_char(QGRN, ch);
      strcpy(buf, object->description);
      send_to_char(buf, ch);
      send_to_char(QNRM, ch);


This may or may not be your problem. It is hard for me to figure out
gdb output, I basically use it to point me in the right direction
and rely on common sense to get me the rest of the way. Perhaps some
other, more talented, person on this list would be kind enough to tell
you EXACTLY where your problem lies. *shrug*


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