[ADMIN] List Archives

From: Alex (fletchra@qsilver.queensu.ca)
Date: 04/11/01

In case you haven't noticed, I've cleaned up a lot of the mailing list
archives that were stored at:

The only archives available there are from the beginning of 2000 through
to the current mail going through.  I had to remove the older archives
due to quota usage (we were up to ~90% of the archive quota that any list
is allowed, we are well below 30% now).  However, all of the older
archives have been moved to the main CircleMUD web server (and there is a
link to it from the archive pages on post) in order to preserve the past

The "older mail archive" has all of the mailing list traffic from 1994
through to the end of 2000 (the duplication is intentional) and can be
found at:



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