Re: [NEWBIE] Adding aff2 flags

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 04/11/01

Unless a snippet/patch already exists at, I doubt that
you will get much help here. I would be more than happy to help you
out myself, since I've already done the same thing, but I have WAY too
much to do, both coding and RL.
All I can offer in terms of help is a bit of advice and a pointer or

ADVICE) Unless you have a FIRM grasp on your OLC system, don't attempt
to add ANYTHING to it. If you want to learn how your OLC works (assuming
you have a working one) , read the source, then read the source, then
read the source, ad nauseum. After you have read it half-a-million times
(perhaps a few more than that), try adding another module. In the case
of OasisOLC 2.0, I would suggest adding the action editor patch by hand.
This will help you to understand how the modules work.

POINTER) Search your files for every instance of 'AFF_' and emulate how
it works. I can't go beyond that, because common-sense plays a large
factor in coding.
POINTER2) ALWAYS work with a backup. If you crash and burn, its always
nice to have. In my early coding stages I went through several code-
bases in short order. Especially when adding "new and original" features.
POINTER3) Search the circlemud FTP site often. Most of the time you
will find useful info there that may help you in your future quests.


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