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Date: 04/12/01

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> I have been reading the mail from the list for a while and was just
> wondering what all you guys like do for a living and stuff, I just
> notice I see usually the same names on the list.  Just a dumb question I
> guess.  I code in C++ right now at school hopefully soon I will learn C
> so I can code some mud.

Since C++ is built on top of C, you already know C.  Basically, you need to
get a book or other reference that will help you get a handle on the key
differences.  There are enough differences that you can't dive right in, but
few enough that learning them is not very complicated.

Actually, I would love to see a port of Circle into a C++ object-oriented
code base.  As I've Opined in previous posts, I think that MUDs in
particular lend themselves easily to an O-O design.  Since I barely have
enough time for the hacking that I do now, I have not pursued this myself,
but I will gladly cheer on any efforts in that direction.  *grin*

As to your other question...I can only answer for myself.  I am a Senior
Applications Developer for a consulting company.  I also used to teach a C
class at a technical college.  I miss teaching, so I am usually quite happy
to answer general C questions.


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