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From: Michael Gesner (dabion@WPI.EDU)
Date: 04/12/01

> Actually, I would love to see a port of Circle into a C++ object-oriented
> code base.  As I've Opined in previous posts, I think that MUDs in
> particular lend themselves easily to an O-O design.  Since I barely have
> enough time for the hacking that I do now, I have not pursued this myself,
> but I will gladly cheer on any efforts in that direction.  *grin*

Been tryin to do it for ages ;o)  Well... I suppose not ages... but long
enough. That is actually one of the projects currently under development in
the Game Development Club I founded here on campus at WPI.  Along with AI
scripts for Circle in LUA.

In any case... since you asked what we did... I'm studying Computer Science
at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  I've been programming CircleMUD since
I can remember coding C.  I learned C first, then C++, which seemed like a
logical step for me, but it seems that a lot of schools are leaving C to
the kernel hackers... which is a shame... C was a good foundation for C++
for me.

In any case... I agree with Mike, that C++ is founded upon C, and that
picking up a book will help you learn C a little quicker.  The one thing
you need to be careful of, is that C isn't designed to be as OO friendly as
C++.  I tend to think that C is a more functional language than C++.
(That's not saying you can't program OO in C, it just not strictly designed
to be OO like Java or C++)

Good question btw...

Lodaren of Rhu-Dina'ar 7777

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