Re: [CODE] {NEWBIE] Compiling 2.2 under winnt & borland 5.5

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 04/12/01

User wrote:


Why are you trying to use 2.2?  That version is so old I doubt that
you'll find many people on this list who ever used it at all.  I honestly
know next to nothing about 2.2 and I don't think you'll get much support
from others on it either.  Try CircleMUD 3.0bpl18, chances are it'll
compile with no problems at all plus there are specific instructions for
compiling with Borland.

To those who have ben here long enough to have actually used 2.2:  Can
anyone even remember 2.2 well enough to support it al all?  Why is it
still on the FTP site as the latest "stable" release?  I realize that 3.0
is still beta, but was 2.2 so stable that it actually beats the current
state of 3.0 (which is quite stable right now IMHO), and what good does
it do to even give people the impression or idea of using something that

Regards, Peter

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