Re: freeing memory

From: Kras Kresh (
Date: 04/13/01

> > if I wanted to change the object description but not the prototype..
> > should I be freeing it first?
> > ex:
> > free(obj->description);
> > obj->description = str_dup("A dagger lies here.");
>A quick glance at my version of read_object() shows that it is doing a
>shallow copy of the prototype object, so you would not want to free that
>particular pointer since it is being used by all other objects of that
>Since extract_obj() does not free that pointer you will have to free it
>manually when you destroy your object, or you will have to point it to a
>constant string instead of a dynamically allocated string, which looks like
>it would work for you:
>static char *desc = "A dagger lies here.";
>obj->description = desc;
>It is safest to make "desc" static, although it may not be necessary,
>depending on your compiler settings.

Do you think I can just check if the string is the prototyped first?

if (obj->description &&
    obj->description != obj_proto[GET_OBJ_RNUM(obj)].description)
obj->description = str_dup("A dagger lies here.");

My code is going to replace the object strings with other strings,
but the object strings might already not be the proto strings.
So what I wrote above will work fine won't it?
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