Re: [Question] Starting over

From: Del (
Date: 04/13/01

Dust wrote:
> bamud is different than the way it used to be done I suppose. The aedit
> patch is looking to put in CON_OLC states and saving and stuff within olc.c
> but that seems to be done in the actual files (like medit.c) now instead...
> So basically I'm just lost and looking for a bit of help from anyone who had
> a similar problem with getting aedit in ;) Thanks

Yes, aedit was written for an earlier version of Oasis. I patched togather
a bundle that included a bunch of stuff and included aedit.
It is on ftp site (and has a few known bugs, check archives for those
solutions). Probably in same directory you got the bamud. Circle17-oasis-ascii
or some name like that.
As a side note, I have been working on cleaning up that bundle, and adding in
a few other snippets, updating to bpl18.
Any thoughts, recomendations, suggestions are welcome. Should I put the xapobj's

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