Re: Ascii Pfiles

From: Del (
Date: 04/15/01

Ben Merton wrote:
> Im having a small problem with ascii pfiles atm:
> Im using bpl14, and i added in the ascii.201.1.patch where i had no errors
> during the patching..
> My mud crashes when i try to create the 10th new character, the plr_index
> file doesn't seem to be able to have more than 9 characters in it - if
> anyone could point me towards what might be causing this that would be most
> appreciated :)

It seems lately there have been a lot of questions that show up that are
similar to: "My mud crashes, can someone help me?"
Please, give as much information as possible when sending questions like these.
I am quite sure you would get a better and faster response if you can provide:
OS, gdb backtrace, code (lines around possible crash), information about
attempts you made to find the crash, etc.
If you're using windows, I can't help you except to tell you to put logs
in .. log("checkpoint 1");
If it is linux then please use gdb to find the crash point and/or use logs.

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