[CODE] Can't figure something out

From: Mark Jeter (mjeter@earthlink.net)
Date: 04/15/01

I'm trying to do a few things, help is appreciated.

1) When someone quits out and then logs off and then logs on and
returns, that character is in the same room it quit out in. Now if
someone quits out to the menu and re-enters without logging off,
that person goes to the mortal start room. I thought it saved the
loadroom upon quitting? If not, has anyone else tried to change it?

2) When I look through the player/room/object file structures in
structs.h there are several which say DO*NOT*CHANGE. Would
changing them make it so I only need to do a  pfile wipe so if I didnt
mind wiping out the player files I could change it? Are some that
way? Most? All?



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