Re: [CODE] Can't figure something out

From: Jeremy Overbay (
Date: 04/16/01

> I'm trying to do a few things, help is appreciated.
> 1) When someone quits out and then logs off and then logs on and
> returns, that character is in the same room it quit out in. Now if
> someone quits out to the menu and re-enters without logging off,
> that person goes to the mortal start room. I thought it saved the
> loadroom upon quitting? If not, has anyone else tried to change it?
> 2) When I look through the player/room/object file structures in
> structs.h there are several which say DO*NOT*CHANGE. Would
> changing them make it so I only need to do a  pfile wipe so if I didnt
> mind wiping out the player files I could change it? Are some that
> way? Most? All?

well...I also thought it was a good idea to always return to the room you
quit out of...there is a snippet on the ftp site that does just that. I
don't have the info on whose it is or what the name of the snippet is..but
it may help to know that it does exist on the site ;} I added it to my mud
and it works beautifully.

hope this helps


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