[Question][Code] Different form of ascii map

From: Dust (dustlos@hotmail.com)
Date: 04/15/01

I've looked at the mapsnippet by Goodwin that uses a single file for the
map, however I'd like to have something more like the ROM map code
(http://www.kyndig.com/pub/mud/diku/merc/rom/snippets/asciimap.c) which
looks at the room and if its flagged map, it looks at the surrounding rooms
and the rooms touching those (up to to distance of sight radius) and shows
them with a symbol if they are map rooms too.

Really bad attempt at ascii art here:

The player is in the middle and I'm calling the @ to be forest. Has anyone
developed anything like this or could point me in a way to make a function
to display the rooms in some way like the above? Bleh, i know its weird,
thanks for any help again.

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