Re: banning

From: Tim Yohn (
Date: 04/18/01

> > Is there a way to prevent any connections to the system
> > on the mud port and allow the same machine to connect?
> > Ive tried 'ban all *' which doesnt do much, and am
> > hoping to keep any external systems from connecting
> > to the port to get a 'Enter name' screen.
> > Anybody know what i'm talking about? thanks
>  I'm actually not sure if this will work or not, but have you tried editing
> config.c and binding it specifically to the loopback interface,
> Should allow local connects, but obviously nothing else should be able to
> connect on that address.  Worth a shot anyway.

        ACK!  I must have been alseep when I wrote this still... anyone that is
anyone will know that the loopback interface is actually on the ip address
of, not what I said above...  Ugh, so much for first thing in the
morning posts :)


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